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Mikołaj Obrycki was born in Szczecin. In 1997-2003 he studied painting, graphic arts and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and graduated in painting under Professor Jerzy Kałucki. Obrycki’s very first exhibition, however, had taken place in Szczecin in 1994 before he began his studies. His works were displayed at more than 90 exhibitions in Poland and abroad: in London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Sopot, Szczecin, Poznań, Warsaw. In his bountiful artistic endeavours Obrycki often treads a fine line between abstract and representational painting. For Obrycki, painting space is a component of reality, an inseparable element of his natural environment, a perceptual organ for viewing the world, and at the same time the limit of its direct exploration. Obrycki's world of painting is so overwhelming that it sometimes begins to absorb the artist himself, meeting more and more of his needs. As a result, the distance between the artist and his art starts to disappear, with the latter transgressing the spiritual realm and entering the world of everyday life and physical functioning. Obrycki does not trade in patterns or symbols he reflects on; engrossed in the painting process, he rather creates and discovers new expanses and phenomena, often to his own surprise, just to interact with them. The artist would frequently create entire series of paintings or variations on a single motif found in photography, reproductions, newspapers or one derived from his own observations or questions related to the artistic process. Such a work ethic implies an incessant attempt to probe, understand, exhaust even, the subject matter; a fanatic approach that effectively transforms the object of the analysis, giving birth to new threads and problems. One could assume paintings are reinterpreted experiences of landscape, portrait or still life; one could be certain, though, they all transcend their respective labels. Are lines and colour surfaces in Obrycki’s paintings meant to define space or rather connect two different states of matter? Are there shadows of objects and atmospheric phenomena on the horizon, or are these brush strokes driven by a convulsive hand? With respect to Obrycki's art, posing such questions weighs more than getting unequivocal answers.
by Raman Tratsiuk

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